Top 5 Ways to BECOME
(and 5 Reasons You aren’t One Already)

You work so much that your computer is practically your significant other.
The only problem is your laptop is a little tough to cuddle with.
You've got the work thing down, but you're tired of dating the wrong guys over and over again.

(I’ll show you how)
But for now...

Finding love just seems out of reach, something OTHER people are good at - other women seem to magnetize men, just not you.

And there isn’t enough praying or hanging out at bars that is going to change that (you know because you have been living this theory for waaaaaaay too long!)

You’ve tried internet dating but that only seems to brings out the jerks and weirdos plus it’s  just NOT the way you hoped to meet the love of your life.

You want thoughtful but not a lapdog.

Assertive but not aggressive.

Funny without annoying.

Hey and if he cooks and cleans, you wouldn’t be mad at that either!

What if I told you all of that was waiting for you on the other side of:

I want you to know that there IS a

Secret Science to Interaction with Men

(and it doesn’t always come to you intuitively BTW)

and because you are a DIY kind of girl who likes to roll up her sleeves, this self-paced home-study course is perfect for YOU.

Via my PROVEN 3 step process for cultivating


It may sound simple, but if you do the work it CAN be simple to find love, we dig into what’s really preventing you from finding that special someone through:

Releasing Blocks (all the emotional stuff that keeps you stuck)

Having Fun (re-discovering what sets your soul aglow)

Being Your True Self (by accepting yourself, warts and all)

Reflecting on your internal landscape (looking at what your core love beliefs are)

because you are not ready to give up on your values just yet,

Family matters to you. Trust matters to you. Living a good life matters to you.

and finding THE ONE doesn’t have to be hard, even though it may have been the last time around.

And listen, some of us have been hurt.

or taken advantage of.

or cheated on.

or lied to.

But we also get to choose our future, not our past.
Here is exactly what we focus on to get you there, because, hey if we’re being honest Your mama never taught you how to date! The most advice you got was to keep your lips and your legs closed. And that’s not much to go on when looking for Mr. Right.

Here is what you will leave with:


A Dating Tool-kit (can I get an Amen?)

Feeling attractive about yourself and about what you have to offer


Because guess what?

All the .com sites that you have been hitting up, aren’t going to change YOU, and if you’ve learned anything by now it’s that, you do have a slight case of the it’s-always-them-and-never-me-that’s-the-problem-itis.

So if you are ready to find Mr. Right by becoming MRS. RIGHT, Choose one option and apply today! If You are Specifically Seeking Matchmaking,

Click Apply Now Under BreakThrough Day.

Group Coaching

Telephonic Group Sessions over the span of 3 months designed with community in mind. You join a community of women going through exactly what you are going through.

Private Coaching

Includes the Group Coaching and the Community. With a bit of spice, we get to connect monthly for a one on one from the comfort of your home. I customize a love game plan specifically for you and what your challenges and goals are.

Breakthrough Day
with Coach Cass

The Ultimate day with Me! You Fly into Sunny South Florida and Join me for the Day. This is for the person that doesn’t want to wait 6 months. You are ready now! We uncover what’s been holding you back to then create your breakthrough in love.