Top 5 Ways to BECOME
(and 5 Reasons You aren’t One Already)

YOU are here because you still haven’t met HIM and you are starting to wonder if you EVER will.

Rushing from

board meetings,
to errands,
to masterminds,
to Chi-town for a merger,
to phone calls with the bookkeeper,
to church,
to a quick bite with the girls,
to Atlanta for the weekend,
to grabbing a cute outfit at Macy’s,
to a late night frappuccino,
to the gym,

And then home again, to be...ALONE.

And ALONE is not what you were hoping for on your way to SUCCESS.

You were hoping for a little bit more fun,
a little bit more romance,
a little bit more laughter.

Actually you were hoping for A LOT more, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t have it.
  • The love
  • The respect
  • The thoughtfulness
  • Late night chats that fill you with an open heart.
  • Early morning walks to grab coffee, and talk about your big life plans.
  • Support that is real.
  • Love that isn’t hinging on anything but being yourself.
ALOHA Beautiful!
I’m so glad you are here, because ALONE is not a fun place to be especially when you are sitting saddled between all of your emotional baggage (past regrets on one side anxiety on the other).
You want that HEY LOVE kind of love, without the drama.

And drama, is something you don’t have time for anymore.

Let me tell you, I have been there.

8 years ago I thought I had it all, until I lost it all.

My wake-up call?

Sitting on my couch, having lost 6 dress sizes, which trust me, wasn’t cute!

I was lost and scared - this wasn’t me, I had completely dissolved myself in this relationship, I was isolated and ALONE.

Sure we had travelled the world, we had great adventures, I thought, “This is my Guy, this is the One!”

Only to find out, he was already married.

This was a dagger in my heart.

How was this possible, how had I not seen the signs?
I had to ask WHY? WHY had this happened to me?
It was then and there, that I decided to take a vow and change, and change I did.
It took me years before I was ready, but in the meantime,


I started by interviewing couples who had been happily married for 25 years or more and still liked each other (imagine that!)

I stopped settling.

I wasn’t going to go with the flow and just take whatever was coming my way.

I took the time out to be clear.

When I pressed PAUSE, very powerful things started to happen in my life...

My health, confidence and my business grew in ways I never imagined.

And yes, I am now in a beautiful marriage (to my amazing hubby Andy), if I had only known this was possible then...

Which is my wish for you.

You don’t need perfection.

You just need someone who will wait for you till you are ready,

Who will buy you things (if you’re into that!)

Who will laugh when milk comes out your nose and air comes out your butt!

Someone who accepts you as you are, beautiful flaws and all.

Find yourself, so you can find HIM, that’s what I help you do (in months not years).

And you are in good hands.
I have a Master's in Public Health and a Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy. ((So I am not a Therapist, I do know many if you are seeking one)) I am A Certified Dating & Relationship Coach, also trained under and certified by John Gottman's Seven Principles Program to Making Marriage Work, Certified Life Coach, Matchmaker, TEDX Speaker and more! I have worked with thousands of women over the last 11 years as a certified life, business, and love coach.
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