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Hello Family!!!

Happy new Year!! I wanted to stop in really quick and share a Word that I heard today.
1st I want to give thanks to God for another year, another decade.  The #1 goal I had last year was to complete reading the Bible from Cover to Cover. I DID IT!!!! Wooohoooo! God is soooo good.  But that is only step 1 of my lifelong plan to Master the Bible and what happened during those days and what it means for us here. I can share that when you do right by God everything else falls into place.

Ok so today I heard a word from Pastor Jackson: Blessed to Prosper -Psalms 1

God allows us to prosper in whatever we do!!!

He spoke on 3 things we must have:

1. Discerning Spirit:
A. Discern the Atmosphere
B. Discern the people you come in contact with
C. Discern your Aim

The main question that stuck out was…has the person you are dating helped you to grow…then he added in grow spiritually?  In the time that you have been dating has this person helped you to get closer to God and grow spiritually since you started dating. POWERFUL!!

2.Desire for Scripture:
His Delight is in the Lord… Excites Him … Watch Your Desires…
Desire the Word of God
Meditate on the Word Day & Night

v 3. Dwell by the stream (church)
Person blessed by God planted by the stream to get fed.

So what I got in short is surround yourself with people who are in the Word striving to grow spiritually and connect yourself with a Bible based church. So simple yet so powerful!

You are an UNSTOPPABLE Force and WHATEVER you do will PROSPER!

Meditate on His Word. And watch the Miracles Happen!

I hope you got a little something out of this.

Much love & Many Blessings,

Coach Cass

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