Top 5 Ways to BECOME
(and 5 Reasons You aren’t One Already)


If you are are tired of attracting the wrong guy, and ready to become a Wanted Womantm are in the right place! Learn how to attract and keep the Right Man!

What’s Your LQ - Love Quotient?

Take the quiz and see how your personality ranks on romance!

  • 1. I spend most evenings and weekends working Yes No
  • 2. Most of my social time is being spent on building my business or career Yes No
  • 3. I love making money, but sometimes it’s at the cost of other things. Yes No
  • 4. I love doing things for my community, church or sorority sisters. Yes No
  • 5. I never socialize outside of my community (and why would I want to!) Yes No
  • 6. I love helping others, but sometimes it burns me out. Yes No
  • 7. I countdown my whole week to friday when i can grab drinks with the girls. Yes No
  • 8. If I could be in a new city every month (and meeting a new man there!) I would! Yes No
  • 9. I live in the moment and am rarely up before noon on weekends. Yes No


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