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Casandra “Coach Cass” Roache, is known for her fun techniques in Life Coaching for Women. Life Coach, Coach Cass helped me get “energized and enthused to start my day with a song in my heart and pep in my step. “-testimonial, Monique W. Do you need coaching? Click below to see if you are Rockstar Rosie, Passion Patsy or Balance Brooke.

Rockstar Rosie
• Has her “ducks in a row”

• Knows what she wants

• Would love support/ a cheerleader in her corner

Passion Patsy

• Loves life

• Unsure of what her passion is

• Is still searching which path to take

Balance Brooke
• Always on the go

• Has a hard time balancing work & family

• Needs more hours in the day

If you identify with any of these, click below

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Time Management

vip day with coach cass


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